Why Choose Green Choice Cleaning?

  • Green Choice Cleaning is locally owned and operated with the desire to make each customer experience special. With customer service as our priority and your trust a main concern, Green Choice Cleaning will work for you.
  • Our services are specially recommended for computer labs or highly sensitive areas with delicate equipment. Child care centers, senior care facilities, medical and dental offices are ideal. Individuals with allergies, respiratory disorders or who are immune compromised benefit from our products.
  • Time effective and efficient microfiber mops, dusters, and cloths are light and ergonomic. This significantly diminishes the amount of time needed for particular cleaning tasks.
  • Products and systems are environmentally friendly and reduce water usage. Using microfiber products allows for chemical free cleaning. The split cross-section in microfiber that catch dirt and other particles leave surfaces free of unwanted materials without necessitating chemicals. They can clean nearly any surface with only water.
  • Microfiber products provide a superior level of hygiene and cleanliness. Used in hospitals and recommended by the Association for professionals in infection control and epidemiology, microfiber is able to remove 99% of bacteria while traditional products only remove 30%. Micro fiber products eliminate germs.