Our cleaning services revolve around our clients and the environment. We believe in protecting all that is important to our clients by using the best cleaning methods.

Our Company

Green Choice Cleaning is the result of seventeen (17) years hands-on work in the cleaning business.

My name is : Olivia

Over the years I have seen people using toxic chemicals without protective gear.Unprotected exposure to dangerous chemicals worried me. Co-workers became sick; often because they were unaware and not forewarned about the impact – both physically and environmentally. I decided it was time for change!

Disaster restoration is particularly challenging. Many harsh chemicals are used that are not good for people or the environment in which they work and/or live. I came to realize that our families, pets, and planet were all being harmed by these traditional cleaning methods and decided that there must be a safer way to provide superior cleaning in challenging situations; both cleaning materials and processes had to change!

My children are grown adults who share my vision of “Green”. My daughter made the decision to work with me to develop a system that gives great cleaning results using natural products. Natural products work just as effectively as manufactured cleaners and are harmless to our clients and our families.

Green Choice Cleaning is based in the beautiful city of Santa Fe where our core values are supported. We take great pride in being a locally owned green cleaning business.